Wednesday, 8 December 2021

Whole New World (MtF Body Theft)

 An alpha male is forcibly body swapped into a down-on-her-luck woman and trapped in her life in Whole New World, available on Smashwords and Amazon.


In the near future males are a rare commodity, and Pierce is the rarest: intelligent, athletic and handsome. And he knows it. Women throw themselves at him for a chance to have his babies. He's arrogant and free of consequences.

Until the day his body is stolen.

After a night of intense passion, Pierce wakes to find himself in a stranger's body. A plain-looking young woman who lives in a slum. She's everything he wasn't: not too bright, average looks, and with no confidence. Even worse, the longer he stays in her body the more he finds himself sinking into her personality and losing everything that made him so special.

Pierce goes looking for the people who did this to try to get his body back. Who did this and why? And can he resist his new body's erotic desire for humiliation long enough to figure it all out?

This 11,000+ word story contains themes of body theft, male to female body swaps, and erotic solo and hetero scenes.

The cab took off into the air as Pierce called after it futilely: “Wait!”

There was laughter from behind him and he turned to find a small group of women watching him. They were dressed in yellow and black, colors that Pierce recognized from the news as belonging to some sort of gang that fought over the dregs of the city. The women were scarred and hefty, with a considerable amount of bulk. They all had solid faces and moved with deliberate, plodding steps. Pierce drew himself up to his full height and they still towered over his delicate body.

“Where you off to so soon, Denise?” The apparent leader said. She was an older woman with a heavyset jaw and deep lines across her face. A woman so ugly Pierce wouldn’t have been caught dead talking to her just a day ago.

The women surrounded him and gave off an air of menace. Pierce wasn’t sure what Denise’s relationship to them was or how he was supposed to behave. He trembled in fear and he couldn’t get his wits about him. His thoughts kept juddering off as he glanced at the array of weapons the women casually wore.

“J-just going uptown,” he managed to say in a shaky voice, trying to look around the circle to all of them at once.

The woman quirked an eyebrow. “Uptown, huh? Going to serve your masters another fancy feast?”

“Maybe she landed a man,” another woman said, to great gales of throaty laughter from the women.

“Not her,” another said, “She doesn’t have the figure.”

Someone pinched Pierce’s butt and he yelped and jumped away to more laughter.

“I don’t mind her figure. I’ll keep her warm. That’s a better offer than you’ll get from anyone uptown.”

“It’s m-my job,” Pierce said, hating how he felt so small, so weak, how he couldn’t think of even one clever thing to say.

“Better start walking, then,” the leader said, her eyes roaming up and down Pierce’s body. “Bring us back something good this time, huh? Otherwise you’ll have to pay your safety fees in…other ways.”

She winked. The women laughed again and walked away, leaving Pierce shaken and…strangely excited by the whole endeavor. He ran back into his apartment building, up the dark staircase and back into his room where he felt safer and less on display. His confidence was shot.

There was something wrong with him. He felt too warm for such little exercise. His thoughts were racing and was tense and itchy in a strange way between his legs.

Reaching down to scratch himself, his fingers landed between his legs and pressed the pants up against his new pussy. The touch brought with it a flush of warmth and he let his hand remain there, keeping the pressure on it. He rocked back and forth, remembering how humiliating it was to be looked down on by those gross old ladies, how helpless he felt, how they called him names and did whatever they wanted with his body.

The heat was now radiating through him. With a start he realized he was getting off on the humiliation of his new life. Pierce pulled his hand away from his pants and stalked back and forth through the small apartment. The desperate itch wasn’t going away. He couldn’t live with it distracting him, making it difficult to plan.

He unbuttoned his pants and slid his hand down past his pouch of a tummy, beneath the waistband of his pants. His fingers grazed over the coarse pubic hair and landed on an unfamiliar slit. Dipping in, he landed on a dewy warmth. Christ, he was getting wet already.

Pierce rolled his jeans and panties down his legs and kicked them away, revealing his long legs and pale creamy thighs. He’d seen better. Hell, he’d passed up better women than this. But right then he just needed the physical touch of himself.

Lying back on the bed, he stared up at the ceiling so as not to have to look at himself and let his hand play between his legs, exploring the gentle folds that he now possessed. His pussy lips clung to his fingers as he circled them around through his velvety folds. His other hand came up to one of his small breasts and he groped himself, digging his fingers in to grab a handful of flesh and failing. This body was so goddamn flat. And yet it still felt wonderful to stroke the little nipples.


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Tuesday, 7 December 2021

Not even if I do this?

     Vince couldn't believe his girlfriend, Ivy, had agreed to swap bodies with his mom for the week so she could have a break. It was torture watching his mom's body walk around with his girlfriend's mannerisms. She was still very much a flirt and a tease, which was driving Vince crazy.
    "How many more days?" Vince moaned as he watched Ivy clean the kitchen.
    "Only a few more," Ivy replied. "It's not too bad. She's got a nice wardrobe."
    "I don't care about her wardrobe. I'm so horny right now and we can't have sex for another few days."
    "Who says?" Ivy smiled.
    "I'm not going to fuck my mom."
    "Oh? Not even if I do this?"
    Ivy hiked up her skirt and rolled her panties down her legs before kicking them off. Then she bent over to unstack the dishwasher. Her skirt rode up her wide thighs, nearly revealing Vince's mom's big butt. She giggled and looked back at him, biting her lip and wiggling her plump, jiggly ass.
    When she stood, Vince couldn't take it anymore. He dropped his pants and took her up against the fridge. Spreading her fat butt, he thrust his cock in between her thighs, his cockhead sliding up against her clit. She moaned as he thrust against her, lubricating himself on her juices before sliding into her warm, welcome hole.
    His mom's body was deliciously wet, and Ivy quivered around him, moaning as he fucked her hard, watching her fat butt bounce until he thrust in deep and came, his cock throbbing into her pussy, emptying his seed into his mom's cunt as her body orgasmed with him.


A college student finds an experimental device that allows him to possess his girl friends in Role of a Lifetime, available on Smashwords and Amazon. Preview here.


Sunday, 5 December 2021

Hard to resist

     Jacob's friend, Grant, was an evil bodyhopper who loved ruining people's lives. Jacob tried not to get involved but it was hard to resist, especially when Grant took over the body of Eimi, a demur Japanese cutie.
    Eimi came from a conservative family. She was a good student who worked hard, never stayed out late, and never had guys over. Grant changed all that, taking her virginity in a big way.
    "It's so easy to pick up dudes with this body," he bragged to Jacob. "And her pussy's so tight. Feel it!"
    Jacob waved him away. It didn't feel right having sex with Eimi while Grant was in control. But it got harder to resist the longer Grant stayed inside her.
    Grant started bringing multiple guys home and fucking in the living room. Eimi's family would come in and find her sandwiched between two guys, one cock in Eimi's pussy, another in her mouth. She moaned like a whore and sucked cock like an expert, soon gaining a reputation as the local slut. All the perverts would come by to fuck her.
    Her friends and family had no idea what was going on, and couldn't stop her. Grant soon wore Jacob down and cajoled him into joining a threesome.
    Jacob had to admit Eimi was hot with her mouth wrapped around his cock, her eyes closed in ecstasy as another friend fucked her taut ass from behind.
    Grant's favorite part was hopping out just before the guys came, returning a very startled Eimi to her body just as her mouth and pussy were filled with jets of hot cum.


A college student finds an experimental device that allows him to possess his girl friends in Role of a Lifetime, available on Smashwords and Amazon. Preview here.


Saturday, 4 December 2021

New cravings now

    I've been a professional sex worker for a while and I thought I heard every request imaginable. I wasn't really surprised when my latest client asked me to role play as his mother. What was surprising was that he swapped me into her body to do it.
    I felt so much more energetic. I'd gained years of life back, and the craving for a hit was completely gone. His mom, on the other hand, now had to deal with an older, drug-addicted body. He had no sympathy for her and he kicked her out while paying me well to act her part.
    Of course, it included certain benefits for him. His mom would never have fucked him, but I had no qualms. He was just a client to me, and I let him have his way with this new body. I was quite agile now and able to wrap my feet around his cock and stroke him while sucking him off.
    I made this body my own. Got a tongue ring, a few tattoos, a belly button ring. He was cool with that. As long as I fucked him whenever he wanted. And I was cool with that.
    His mom's body was horny as hell, quick to get wet and quick to orgasm. I loved bouncing on "my" son's cock, feeling it slide inside and fill me with its wild heat. I would moan, "Oh, yes, son, fuck this pussy."
    And he would come hard inside me, gripping my waist and pulling me down onto his beautiful cock, filling me with his hot seed.
    In public I acted like his mom, but in private I acted like his whore. I had new cravings now.



A college student finds an experimental device that allows him to possess his girl friends in Role of a Lifetime, available on Smashwords and Amazon.

Friday, 3 December 2021

These are great

    "Oh man, these are great,"Alex said, as he gripped Taylor's tits and squeezed them together.
    Stop playing with my breasts, you pervert, Taylor cried out from within Alex's head.
    "Oh come on," Alex replied, still squishing his tits together, "I haven't touched your body all day and it's been driving me crazy."
    I know, Taylor replied, I can feel what you feel, remember?
    "Yeah, I know. No secrets between us anymore."
    Alex tweaked one of his tiny pink nipples and warmth spiked through him. He gazed down at Taylor's body, greedy for himself.
    Alex and Taylor had found an alien artifact that had combined them together, putting Alex's mind in control of Taylor's body. She was still inside her own body but had no control over herself, and could feel and 'hear' everything Alex felt and thought.
    Stop, Taylor said again, though a little reluctantly. She, too, was enjoying the spike of warmth and was being carried along by Alex's desire for his new body.
    It was no surprise when her hand slid down between her legs and slipped in between her pussy lips to land on her dew. She hated being controlled like this but, god, how she needed release along with him.
    She guided his fingers inside herself, helping him to discover where to stroke, how hard and how fast. It wasn't long before the orgasm washed over them both and Alex cried out in delight with Taylor's lovely voice.


A college student finds an experimental device that allows him to possess his girl friends in Role of a Lifetime, available on Smashwords and Amazon.


Thursday, 2 December 2021

Promised 2

     You didn't read the fine print on the contract, so it's a surprise to you when they send Lucy home to your house. Something about letting the residual mind adjust in a familiar environment. Whatever. As far as you're concerned it's torture.
    Lucy loves to torment you, inviting her boyfriend over so she can fuck him with your mom's body. They do it everywhere in the house. More than one time you come home to find your mom being pounded over the couch, her tits bouncing around as Lucy's boyfriend fucks her from behind. She still cries out like your girlfriend, and enjoys sex like your girlfriend, but in your mom's voice and body. So you hear the rhythmic slap of your mom's ass and her cries rising in pitch as she orgasms.
    They love tormenting you. Lucy walks around naked and her boyfriend fondles her and smacks her ass while giving you knowing glances, treating her like he owns her body. You can't stand to see your mom like this. But at the same time, hearing your ex-girlfriend constantly orgasm makes you hard.
    Still, you try your best to help her adjust. And she needs your help processing all the bullshit admin it takes to switch one person's life to another. You remind her about your mom's dietary needs and about the pills she needs to take. She hates going out in public and getting mistaken from your mom so you bring home food.
    Later, though, you don't remember when her boyfriend stopped coming around. You don't remember when she started saying please and thank you. You don't remember when she started helping around the house. But you do remember the first night she offered her new body to you. And you accepted.


A college student finds an experimental device that allows him to possess his girl friends in Role of a Lifetime, available on Smashwords and Amazon.

Wednesday, 1 December 2021

Role of a Lifetime

A college student finds an experimental device that allows him to possess his girl friends in Role of a Lifetime, available on Smashwords and Amazon.


Amber held out her hand to take a look at the device when Mateo suddenly slumped over on the couch. She gasped, wanting to run to him, but instead took a step backwards on unsteady feet. She clung to the wall for support, her heels clacking on the hardwood floor. Amber tried again to move towards Mateo but her body wouldn’t respond. Instead, she found herself shaking her head and swearing.

“The hell?” She asked. The voice was hers but she hadn’t intended to say anything.

Her hands came up to her face, feeling her lips, her cheeks, her nose. Her mouth dropped open in surprise, though none of these actions were her own. She was being controlled by someone else. There was someone in her body making her do things,

Her head tilted down to stare at her body, her gaze landing directly on her cleavage. She was staring down the top of her shirt, her slim round breasts held high by the bra, the curves disappearing beneath the white shirt. Her hands came up and squeezed her chest experimentally.

Oh my god! What’s happening to me? Amber cried out inside her mind.

Her hands dropped to her sides.

“Amber?” her voice asked, “Is that you?”

You can hear me?

“Yes,” her own voice replied, head nodding.

Who are you?

Her tongue licked her lips, tasting her waxy lip gloss. “I’m Mateo.”


There were so many strange sensations it was hard to think. Her body stood differently, the posture altered. Mateo clearly didn’t know what to do with her hands, first bringing them up to her stomach, then attempting to slide them into pockets that weren’t there before finally dropping them to her sides.

“I think I’m…in your body somehow. It must be that machine I found.”

Get out of me!

“I’m trying!”

Amber found her body hurrying to the couch where Mateo’s body lay. She awkwardly balanced on her heels with each step, and her hips didn’t quite move correctly. Her whole balance was off. Amber was aware Mateo could feel everything from the bounce of her breasts to the silky hair down her neck. She knew he could taste her, smell her, feel her, move her. And she could also tell that if she hadn’t been panicking in his mind he would have enjoyed it.

Her body knelt down to grab the metal tube and she felt her skirt slide up. She pulled it back down and stood, before brushing the hair out of her eyes and pushing her glasses back up her broad nose.

What did you do? She was calmer now, more curious than angry.

“I don’t know. I pushed this and it just happened.”

So fucking weird talking to herself, knowing it was her friend inside controlling her body. Her fingers fiddled with the device. He was clearly not used to the shape of her yet, the slimmer fingers, the curved nails, because he moved awkwardly and jittery. She furrowed her brow and scratched her chin—both Mateo’s gestures. Pushing a few buttons, Mateo was able to change the symbols between the two subjects. An arrow pointed back from Subject 2 to Subject 1. Amber’s thumb pushed the blinking button and she was back in control of herself.


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